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Do i need to install windows on my ssd just to make it a boot drive because theres already a windows on my hdd what i need is to make my ssd as boot drive and then my hdd as storage




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You already asked this earlier. Windows has to be on the SSD to take advantage of the speed of the SSD. 


Installing a blank SSD will do absolutely nothing to speed up your computer by itself. You'll need to install Windows onto it. 


Main System: Phobos

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Secondary System: York

Intel Core i7-2600 (4C/8T), ASUS P8Z68-V/GEN3, 16GB GEIL Enhance Corsa DDR3 1600MHz, Zotac GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB, 240GB ADATA Ultimate SU650, Windows 10 Pro for Workstations


Older File Server: Yet to be named

Intel Pentium 4 HT (1C/2T), Intel D865GBF, 3GB DDR 400MHz, ATI Radeon HD 4650 1GB (HIS), 80GB WD Caviar, 320GB Hitachi Deskstar, Windows XP Pro SP3, Windows Server 2003 R2

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You will need to either move your OS to the new drive, or reinstall Windows. I'd don't recommend moving an entire OS, because stuff can go wrong in the transfer, so you're best option is to re-install. 

My System: 

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Got any questions about my system or peripherals? Feel free to tag me (@bellabichon) and I'll be happy to give you my two cents. 


PSA: Posting a PCPartPicker list with no explanation isn't helpful for first-time builders :)

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You can watch this youtube video as a reference on how to copy your WINDOWS install to a new storage drive.


i have done this with my sata ssd to nvme and it worked with no problems. GLHF

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what if i dont use it as boot drive will it still boot faster like games i put it on ssd

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28 minutes ago, EmanuelDs said:

what if i dont use it as boot drive will it still boot faster like games i put it on ssd

You need to quote people for them to see your reply.


Also yes games will load faster but it is much better to install windows on the ssd.

I will recommend an NHu12s (or an NHd15 (maybe)) for your PC build. Quote or @ me @Prodigy_Smit for me to see your replies.

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Laptop :

Legion y520 | i5 7300hq | 1050 4gb (Manual OC) | 16gb 2400Mhz cl18 | 256 GB SSD | 2tb HDD


Xeon E3 1245 | 16gb ECC ram | 256 GB SSD | 2*2tb HDD

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