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Looking at using ASUS GL504GW as desktop system

Hey guys. Im looking at my desktop (listed below) and my laptop (below) and i'm starting to wonder if there is any reason to not just use my laptop as my desktop. My laptop should be just as powerful if not more so than my desktop. I figure I can sell the CPU, Mobo, RAM, and case for $800-$900 and free up a lot of space. Is there any reason to not do this?


The only real thing that has been holding me back up to this point is


1) I had 8-10 HDDs in my desktop, but this has now been moved to a NAS with dual parity drives.

2) I like my PCI expansion slots. But I really dont use them for much. The occasional capture card, but i've moved to USB cards at this point.



AMD Ryzen 2600

4*16GB 64GB G.Skill RGB RAM

ASUS Crosshair VI Extreme Mobo


Corsair RM 650X PSU

phanteks enthoo evolv x

Countless NVME SSDs, SATA SSDs, and SATA HDDs



Asus GL504GW

Intel i7-8750H CPU

RTX 2070 GPU

16GB RAM (will upgrade to 64GB if possible, 32 GB if not)

500GB NVME SSD (Will upgrade to 1TB plus a secondary drive)


Please "Quote" me if you want me to see your response.

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