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For the past two weeks I've had problems with my cpu upgrade for my pc, all being blue screens. But today I was setting out to try and find issues with windows. I previously had my cpu set to 3.0ghz to keep my windows stable. I was going to try and start into safe mode and just set my cpu to 4.6ghz. This also what my motherboards auto setting put it to. I did this to be sure weather my there was a corrupt windows files that would cause my blue screen even in safe mode. But after I saved and exit, the pc would be stuck in a power cycle. Judging from the way it was powering on, it was in a constant state of resetting the bios. I powered it off and shorted the cmos reset pins, it turned on and did what it did before. This motherboard doesn't have any debug lights or displays so I have no idea what's wrong. The manual says nothing at all about troubleshooting or the website. I my old i7 6700 with a z170 mobo that I'm probably going to swap out for a  temporary setup. On tomorrow I plan to just take it to a local computer repair store just to get stress of me.


System specs:

Cpu: i7 9700k

Mobo: Gibabyte z390 I Aorus Pro wifi

Ram: generic sk hynix 2x8GB running at 2133mhz

Gpu: Msi ventus 1660ti Oc

Storage: we blue sata m.2 1tb and a Seagate sshd 500gb

Psu: fractal design integra 450w bronze

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