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Windows 10 constantly blue screening?

So about 2 weeks ago u upgraded my cpu from an i7 6700 to a 9700k. Ever since I got it installed I've been having issues with windows. I used to get around the issue if I ran my cpu under 4.0ghz. But yesterday, on Christmas of all things, it got bad. The main stop code I've been getting is "system service exception". I have also gotten others but that was only one time. I also got a new keyboard and rgb mousepad for Christmas, so it may be the issue but I have my doubts. Today, I haven't even been able to get past the login screen before window blue screens. I've tried startup repair but that says nothing, along with command prompt stuff like sfc/scannow and all the bootrec commands. I have tried booting into safe mode but the password for the login is completely unknown to me for some reason. I've tried my current Microsoft password and potential old ones but no luck there. I've also tried low resolution mode but no luck there, blue screen. I just reset my pc about a week ago to hopefully solve my blue screen but it didnt help. I also noticed that I'd instantly get a blue screen if I tried opening up Logitech Ghub for my wheel. I have the startup for this disabled but if I could get into windows, I would uninstall some stuff like that as well as the some asus stuff for my keyboard, mouse and mousepad. I'm completely stumped on this and I really need some help. If you need anything else, ask away.


System specs:

I7 9700k

Gigabyte Aorus gaming pro z390 I

16gb 2133mhz ram from an hp prebuilt

Msi Ventus 1660ti Oc, 460.89 driver installed automatically from windows.

Fractal design integra 450w bronze

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Pretty much expected behavior if you don't install a fresh copy of Windows after a motherboard/CPU swap. Sometimes it will work without issue, many times it won't.

MacBook Pro 16 i9-9980HK - Radeon Pro 5500m 8GB - 32GB DDR4 - 2TB NVME

iPhone 12 Mini / Sony WH-1000XM4 / AirPods Pro

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