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CPU Support for Build Idea


Hey guys, 

Hypothetical question, Is there a consumer motherboard and CPU that can support the following configuration?

5600 XT GPU at 8x PCIe Gen 4

RTX 3070 GPU at 8x PCIe Gen 4

Thunderbolt 3/4 Card

NVME SSD, Either Gen 3/4 works


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Look at x570 motherboards as they have support for 2 gen 4 pcie ports. Also is this being used for gaming.

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I'm a touch confused at how PCIe lanes work, coming from chipset or CPU, argh...

I get the gen part, but not some of the other stuff.

Like, what lanes on a CPU are available for expansion cards?! What limits chipset lanes!?

Also, part gaming, part folding@home.

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