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Corsair SFX 750W vs Cooler Master SFX v750W?? Thoughts?

Hi all!! Finally after weeks of waiting outside my Microcenter, I have finally got my 3080 graphics card!!!


Nonetheless, the power supply has been a struggle and currently waiting. I saw that Cooler Master came out with their SFX power supply (yes I am aware that they are SFX-l dimensions and both will fit in my ITX build). I know that 750W will be enough for my build but needed thoughts on the better choice long term, quality, sound, and so forth.


Has anyone gotten either the: Corsiar SFX 750W, Cooler Master SFX v750W, or Cooler Master SFX v850W that can give me their thoughts and review? Which one is quieter? Or better quality? More reliable?


I have the AMD Ryzen 9 5900x and ASUS TUF 3080 and will be under-volting both slightly or if needed.


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