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Resource monitor display

I wasn’t quite sure what category this question would go under, but I am looking for a specific product and I don’t know exactly what it is called and I have looked everywhere. I’m hoping someone here is able to find it because I am at a loss.


 Essentially I have seen a little display that plugs directly into a pcie lane, usually the one under the gpu with the intended purpose of displaying resource values of sorts. To my understanding you can set the monitor up to show a constant up to date cpu and gpu temperature which would make temperature checking very easy and not require much extra software running on the pc or having to minimize a program to look.


I am fairly certain this exists but I can’t for the life of me find it anywhere. I am not sure if I just am missing something obvious or my search parameters are bad. I really hope someone here is able to track this product down because I have all but given up on my search myself.

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If anyone comes across this and is wondering the same thing, I came across it on youtube.



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