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Should I pay 269.99 for the i7 8700k?

I just got my wireless card on Friday. 


This message was sent using my new PC.


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My only issue is that I have a Gt 710.

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I used the Intel Software bundle to get Crysis. It did not work with my e-mail, and I tried everything, so I ended up creating a new account, and it worked. It is NOT user friendly as all the reviews said


Now I am running Crysis at 7 fps.


I have the latest drivers installed, and I am running Valorant @ 70Fps.


I want to overclock it.

I don't care that much if it dies, because I am replacing it soon. (Hopefully.)


I want a Gtx 1650 or better. A 1650 Super is really good.

Or I can get a 1050Ti.


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