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Fix Colour Banding on Dell XPS 2020 series

Hello everyone,


This is a tutorial on how to get colors right on Dell XPS series from this year, might apply to older models with Intel Command Center..


Windows 20H2 and Dell Premier Color don't work well together. Intel GPU driver and Dell's proprietary fight eachother. Some people say it's the Dell Premier Color bugging out the Intel software, some the other way around..  This has been a know bug for years, usually getting better or worse depending on what Windows version you're running (and drivers), but it seems like it's been really bad in the past couple months, since many people have been posting on forums, struggling to get rid of just the most rubbish banding you've ever seen, worse on the eyes than cheap IPS panel backlight bleed.


Possible solutions, that don't work in most cases:

1. Close Dell Premier Color

Result: no improvement


2. Close Dell Premier Color, then open Intel Command Center < Display < Color < Restore to original Color 

Result: In many cases, black screen that doesn't recover. It can be reenabled if you plug in an external monitor (or forcefully restart the system) and reopen DPC (dell premier colour) - but the issue persists.


3. Delete DPC, then Restore to original color

Result: Black screen, need to reinstall DPC or force restart


Solution that WORKED for me, after all others failed


1. Delete DPC

2. Delete Intel Command Center 

3. Install DDU (display driver uninstaller), extract and open with administrator, uninstall Intel GPU driver - If you don't know how to use DDU, there are some tutorials on Youtube that will explain it better than me. But this is the options you should select. And then click "clean and restart"


4. Display driver will uninstall, the screen will go ape sh*t and all audio will die. The system will then restart. Don't let it scare you, everything is fine.

5. Once you log back in, go to windows update and check for updates. Windows will automatically download the media drivers and the display driver for you, after which you will restart the system again, if prompted.

6. Install Intel Command Center from Microsoft Store. It won't look the same as the one you had before, but that's okay, it's the same thing. Once it's installed, open it and check that all your System < Power related settings are the way you left them, with "panel self refresh" turned off and alike.. 


Congrats. It should be all good now. I hope this helps



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