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Is the i7-10700k for 319.99 USD good???

I'm new to the computer build scene, and was shopping at microcenter for a new cpu. I found the i7 10700k for 319.99 and was wondering if this was a good price for the processor? Also, I need to get a cpu cooler and a psu. My budget is $250 for the two items. Any suggestions?


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Do you already have a motherboard that's compatible with the 10700K? If not, then maybe consider checking out the 3800X and 3800XT.

But if you already have a motherboard, then that seems like a decent price for the chip.


When it comes to CPU coolers, there are a lot of good options. Arctic has some really nice budget coolers like the Freezer 34. If you want to go all out, then consider a Noctua NH-U12S or NH-U12A. There are also lots of good offerings inbetween from Scythe and be Quiet.


PSU prices seem to go up, but I was lucky to find a good deal on a be Quiet Straight Power 11 750w and I'm really happy with it so far.

But again, there are so many good PSUs out there. I recommend you look for a few good deals and come back to the forum and ask in the PSU section whether the ones you found are suiteable or not.

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