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Network of NAS Raid5 devices



I want to setup a NAS network between all my family members. Inside each home, I want to know if it's possible to install a NAS with backup between each other, daily and weekly basis.


So if one NAS is offline during holidays at one home, the goal is to get the delta by its own and have the same amount of datas.


3 homes out of 4 have a fiber connection, so the network speed isn't an issue.


My question is about the tyype of hardware I need to buy or to look for to have like for any companies a multi-site backup solution.


I'm not looking for expensive server, maybe a custom hard drive enclousure or a regular NAS can do this.



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a regular nas will suffice.

you can source it from synology or wd.

get at least 4 bay, most of them support raid 5.

for backup you need 1 of them to be the master, with every other one running the auto backup.

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