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Weird PSU problem after fan swap. Fan Goes to 100% for 5 minutes then slows down



I ordered a be quiet system power 9 in hope the fan would be silent...

Sike! The fan was HORRIBLE and some shity chinese brand.  I immediately opened the PSU and swapped it with a proper 'Silent Wings 2' fan.  (soldered on)

Anyways, now after I start the PC or wake it from sleep, the PSU fan goes to 100% for literally 5 minutes.  Only after 5 minutes the fan slows down and operates like normal (and now super quiet due to the fan swap... but the 5 minutes are horrid...)

Can anyone help me out here?  I'm super weirded out and wish it would work normal...    I also swapped fans on my old corsair 750w PSU and that worked perfectly...


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Get another psu? It probably had some monitoring in the fan or something and now that it's gone it freaks out but then after 5 minutes the programming probably loses track and assumes all is ok.

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