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LG 27GN950 or Asus ROG XG27UQ

Hey guys,


in my last thread a few weeks ago, I needed help with choosing a new Monitor. It came down to the LG 27GN950.
But i now discovered the Asus ROG XG27UQ and wanted to ask, which one of those 2 is objectively the better one?
Both are 4k 144Hz Displays with DSC and 1ms. Both are, at least right now, around 850€ (and unavailable lol).

I couldnt find any difference between these two for now and therefore was wondering if i could just buy the one thats gets in stock first.


My goal is a good 4k 144Hz Display for mostly Singleplayer games (like CP2077, HZD, etc.).

Thanks in advance!

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