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MacBook pro 16 - USB C hub issus

Hi guys,


I just recently started to use a MacBook pro 16' and obviously need a USB c hub. I got this one from Amazon and I am getting an odd issue and have not been able to find something similar online. 


So basically, when I plug in the hub it lights up but none of the ports work at all (no usb, no HDMI, none) . If I plug in the charger in the PD power, then it works normally and even if I remove the charger it keeps working but once I remove the hub, it will not work unless I put the charger in the PD. 


Obviously it is  very annoying but I am not sure if it is an issue with the hub or my laptop. I unfortunately do not have another laptop to try or another hub.

Has anybody faced any similar issues or have any tips that  I could try, otherwise I will have to return the hub, and I would rather it works. The hub it self looks good and of decent quality. 



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