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Another Mars colonization news by Space X.  Elon Musk has revealed that Space X plans on bringing humans to Mars in about six years from now and an uncrewed mission in four. Musk said that he was ``fairly confident`` in this timeline and that it would be Space X`s Starship that would be launching to space. This is based on the fact that Earth and Mars share similar patterns of orbits around the sun, though Mars` is more elliptical than Earth`s. Right now Musk is focused on making sure that the proper technology is in place to ``make life interplanetary`` by getting a lot of people to go to Mars while establishing ``a base on the moon``

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Before that, he said 2032, and the hard truth is that if something goes wrong, the "window" to travel opens every 2 years. There are also ongoing researches for the effect of long time living in space

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