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Kepler or Maxwell Quadro to work with Tesla K10/K20

Hi folks


I'm researching which Quadro/Tesla combos will work together to create a Maximus setup.


The two Tesla cards I'm interested in using are the K10 and K20. These are both Kepler cards with the K10 having 2x GK104 chips and the K20 having a single GK110.


I know you need to use a K series Quadro with these cards, but not all of the K Quadros are Kepler based, some have Maxwell chips.


The K620 and K2200 both have the GM107 Maxwell chip, so are they no good for use in conjunction with a K10 or K20?

The K420, K600, K2000, K4000, K4200, K5000 and K6000 all use Kepler chips, so do I have to use one of these?

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Bump, no-one with any experience of Nvidia Maximus setups or knowledge of how Tesla cards need to be deployed?

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