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Xbox controller on a PC - face button not responsive at certain angles



Up until recently I've been pc gaming mostly with mouse and keyboard. One month ago I've moved one of my PCs to my living room I opted to use it with a controller.

At first I tried to play with PS4 controllers but here I have to either play only via Steam or use an additional program to imitate xbox controller. Since I have a rather big game collection on my gog account I decided to buy a xbox controller.


Since the very beginning I had a lot of problems registering the "A" button. It seemed to only register by pushing it either a little bit from the left side or top center but not from the right side (the direction from where my finger was obviously going to press). I have never had such problems with my PS4 controllers so I decided to return the "defective" one and get a replacement. It turned out that this other one also have this issue! Is it normal?


I decided to live with it, remapped some buttons and used it only for casual games like overcook.


Today I bought the series controller and ... THE SAME ISSUE.


I have found some other posts about this problem and the answer is always to return and get a new one. For me it's 3/3 with this problem...

I think that if it would be a wide spread issue I'd be able to find a lot more complains. 


Some posts to read about similar issue:

Xbox Series X Face Button Controller Issues - Microsoft Community

Controller "A" button unresponsive at certain angles - Xbox One S - iFixit

'A' Button Fix (Elite Series 2 Controller) without opening it. : xboxone (reddit.com)

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Xbox Series X|S users are reporting problems with unresponsive buttons | The Loadout

Elite Series 2 Controller - Flattened/Unresponsive 'A' Button : xboxone (reddit.com)


Maybe it's bad luck, maybe I'm just pressing the button wrong. Does anyone here have similar problem (100% problems with registering "A" button)? Is it a popular problem in your area (I'm currently in Poland)? Should I keep returning my series controller until I finally receive one that doesn't have that issue (if that's even possible)?


Also: Is it only my setup or Bluetooth re-connection of a gamepad is quite troublesome with windows 10? My wireless headphones connect automatically but with controllers I have to remove the connection and create a new one. Why is it so hard to use controllers with a PC? :D 

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