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Possible half dead 980 ti.. only DVI works

This has been a problem for the past 2 years with the card. I never noticed it since I use DVI on my main monitor but when hooking up any other output cable the card completely breaks. The card is a 980ti gigabyte model with 2 DVI ports, 3 DP ports and 1 HDMI port. When I plug in anything besides on of the DVI's windows starts running at 800x600 64hz and comes up with a code 43 in device manager, which says the device/driver is not working correctly. Now here's the funny thing, ive been using my TV for the past week with the DP port with no issues and thought a new driver finally fixed it... but came home today to find it stuck again with problems above. I can not wrap my brain around why only 1 port works totally fine, 1080p at 144hz for years and every other port freaks the card/driver out. My only guess is physical damage on the card PCB.


Here's what I've tried below with no success 


Clean windows install

Tried multiple driver versions and latest driver

Completely removed any trace of drivers usings guru 3d tool 

Multiple HDMI and DP cords

moved gpu to lower PCI slot

Moved PCI power cables to different plugs on psu


At this point i'll take any guesses, half tempted to rip the card out so I can just stop dealing with it. 


Thanks yall, CJ 



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I had this on my current card, 1 dvi, 1 dp port dead. The card still works find with other port.

Last i remember there was a shortage when i plug the port.

theres nothing i can do from the software side. so i conclude the port is dead.

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