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Anyone know if Quickbooks works on M1 Macs?

Hello, I am helping a friend who needs a new laptop. They use quickbooks for accounting and I was going to tell them to get the new M1 macbook air, but I am unsure that it is fully functional even ruining through rosetta. I know that that is not a common question but just wanted to make sure that it works before telling them to buy something that may not work.




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Forget the M1 not supporting Quickbooks.

The newest iteration of MacOS doesn't support it.



Currently, our QuickBooks for Mac product doesn't fully support Big Sur 11.0. We hope to fully support this new macOS in the next week or two. Once the final version of the macOS is released, it takes some time to test our products against it to identify any issues that need to be addressed. 


Then, it will take a little time to resolve any issues to declare it officially compatible. Also, make sure to check our system minimum requirements before downloading the new version. To ensure QuickBooks can be installed without any problem.  


So keep an eye on our QuickBooks Blog. From there, you can see the future developments and the latest news about QuickBooks and what our Product Care Team is working on. You'll also find information as to when Big Sur is fully compatible. 


Thank you for your time and if you need anything else, don't hesitate to post here. Have a great day!

Is there something else they're doing that makes running a Mac a necessary? Running QB on MacOS has never been good in my sphere of experience.

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