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Please help me choose a linux distro.

Hello. Please help me decide what linux distro to use! I have some preferences and I am looking for suggestions, whether they be distro's or software packages in distros.

I am migrating from windows and have been bouncing between zorin, mint, and pop os. 

-I like a simple office like desktop like mint/zorin because I deal with a lot of files.

-I want a distro with lots of utilities like the stuff in windows. (device manager, disk manager, app manager) 

-I like that pop os auto installs graphic drivers but I also want to keep track of what I have installed; and on other distro's I'm never sure if I have the right drivers. So I would like a solution to help me track that stuff.

-I do game a bit so something that is at least stable with games. I'm using a laptop with an nvidia mxm card: Quadro m2000m.

-I prefer a lightweight desktop. I used to strip windows xp down to look like windows 95 cause I could. So function over beauty.

-I'm pretty sure all the programs I want to use are on all linux. Gimp, Krita, Davinci, etc.


Tl;dr I want an easy to set up linux for power using, but also for a nub like me.

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Ubuntu or manjaro with plasma KDE

PC specs:

Ryzen 9 3900X overclocked to 4.3-4.4 GHz

Corsair H100i platinum

32 GB Trident Z RGB 3200 MHz 14-14-14-34

RTX 2060

MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge wifi


Samsung 860 EVO 500GB

2 TB WD hard drive

Corsair RM 750 Watt


Razer Ornata Chroma

Razer Firefly 

Razer Deathadder 2013

Logitech G935 Wireless

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I personally would recommend Ubuntu LTS (20.04) with either KDE, DDE, or GNOME as the desktop environment. I like DDE but it can be unstable. If you just want a rock solid then I say go with GNOME.

R5-2600 - RX 560 - 8GB RAM - 120GB SSD & 1TB HDD

I like working with computers

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Try not to get too caught up in looking for the perfect distro. They all have their pros and cons and you'll only find opinions on the subject. It sounds like you've tried a few of the more popular ones already. I'd recommend sticking with the one you like most out of the box, and learning as much about it as you can. In this case you learn how to customize your OS to do what you want it to do, instead of getting a basic understanding of multiple OSes you may not use.


As for my opinion on the subject; I've been using Linux Mint Xfce as my go to distro for almost a decade. I'm currently running Mint 20. Xfce may not be as pretty as other desktop environments, but it's lightweight and has been very stable for me. Out of the box, it's complete without being bloated. The device driver manager does a really good job getting Nvidia drivers. Although I have had trouble with screen tearing during VLC video playback. I haven't tried gaming on it so I can't tell you about that.


I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else suggests.


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Thanks, for the replies. I've chosen manjaro with plasma, and I think I am going to try mint with plasma added on. I like mint on principle. I honestly never thought of trying plasma before. 

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