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Horizontal artifacts and losing connection due to insufficent voltage?



For quite some time now im experiencing randomly flickering horizontal white lines and sometimes also short connection interrupts to my monitor. Most of the time they start while playing ac odyssey. Sometimes right at the beginning and sometimes it takes some time or doesnt happen at all. Closing the game doenst help, it remains afterwards. Only a restart helps. It doesnt happen that often in other games and a few times it already happened on the windows login screen and desktop. 


The weird thing is, you cant see it on my second monitor connected via hdmi. Also if I connect my main monitor via hdmi i couldnt reproduce these artifacts. Already tried 3 different DP cables and even one expensive VESA certified one. Unfortunately i dont have a second Monitor with DP to try this combination. 


Now to my main question: I read about people having artifacts due to insufficent voltage supplied by the psu. Just ran odyssey, furmark and occt and the lowest gpu voltage reading that occt reported was 11.27V for the 8 pin and 11.37 V for the 6 pin. Pcie voltage somewhere in between.(gpu z even reported 11.2 V once on the 8 pin) And that regardless of the fact that i splitted the 6 pin and 8 pin to two rails on the psu that dont get used by anything else. Could this be my issue? Are modern gpus still that sensitive to low voltage? It sounds stupid but does a DP need more stable gpu voltage than hdmi? Any other ideas?


Gpu 1080ti overclocked (already tried without oc)

Psu bequiet dark power pro 11 1000w

Monitor acer xr382

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