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LINUS I found a clip of YOU in a Promo video of some random Steam VR app

I doubt this is big enough to be worth doing anything about. It's like what, half a second?

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It's not like they used only this clip to promote their software. From what I can see it is used to watch videos so what is the problem here?

Do they have to ask Elon to use the clip of rocket starting?

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I wouldn't say promote, more like an example of what it can do. For that part I guessed watching youtube videos. If you asked me Linus would probably just say "Cool" or just shrugged it off.


I mean it's free software. They didn't make any profit from it I guess??

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The snippets they have probably fall under Fair Use. Still, @LinusTech, @nicklmg, time to make these small devs suffer for their insignificance.

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Lol just watched it, it's like 5 frames at best of Linus fumbling in a HMD. I'm pretty sure this is nothing. Nice find tho.

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bigscreen isn't like a random steamvr app. It's a pretty big VR app and its included when you buy the oculus quest. I'm sure they asked permission

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