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Asus Aura Fan RGB



I made my PC a while back and used these fans here. I have a Asus Mobo and RGB trident Ram. I'm trying again to get the RGB to work via Asus Aura. I can fully control the RGB on the mobo and the ram without problems. However the fans are a different story. I used the included controller back when i built it and that worked.. but only with the cooler master software which couldn't sync with aura. Someone on here told me to use RGB splitters which I did, but its never worked, I could never get them to show up on the Arua software. The fans are still stuck at the same color they were back when I had the coolmaster RGB Controller


I've tried to plug in just one fan directly to the header as well and no luck. Just that same color. 


I included a pic of what the aura shows, It is like it does notice the fans under the rgb header but it still never changes color when i use the 'sync all'


Any ideas how to get them to work with the RGB header?




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