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Nvme and enclosure recommendation

I'm getting a 512gb nvme SSD, and putting my current 1tb 5400rpm harddrive into an enclosure to use as game and media storage. I don't need insane speeds or anything, just something that makes opening word and chrome fast 

What's the best value 512gb nvme SSD? And any portable enclosures that work with both 2.5" HDD and data SSD?

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As for what’s the best value Nvme ssd? The conventional wisdom is the cheapest one that has cache, since for current games higher speed doesn’t give much gain. Once you get to SSD speeds it stops mattering for gaming and even most other things very much. The cache thing is about longevity not speed.  there is apparently a way to avoid the need even that for smaller newer SSDs. Not sure if it applies to 512 or not though.  The deal is it uses system memory as cache to do basically the same thing. Not sure what it’s called.


 As for enclosures, lots.  like really, lots. There are a bunch of connection options available at a bunch of different prices. Any 2.5” sata drive will fit in a 3.5” sata external enclosure, though it may flop about in the extra space. The only type of drive with connection and form factor issues is nvme.  There are ones for those as well though.  A lot depends on what ports you have, how fast you want the connection to be, and what you want to spend.

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