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Computer freeze

Hey. I just installed two new sticks of ram.

My editing is much smoother now. But I now got a issue. My computer freezes under heavy loads. I ran a memory test and computer froze 10seconds into the test. 

never had this problem before I installed the new ram. I'm very sure that the ram is the problem.


I thought I bought the same sticks as last time. But  I found out that the new ram i bought has higher voltage. And faster speed. But they are same brand. Just bought 3 years apart. 


Old ones are 2x16 sticks with 1.2 and 2666

New ones are 2x16 sticks with 1.35 and 3200


I tried to set channels AB to 1.35 voltage but the problem still occurs. 


Is there any way I can solve those problem ? Or do I have to buy one more pair of the new ram sticks? 


Asus 399x 

Threadripper 1950x

Hyper fury x 

2x16 2666 1.2

2x16 3200 1.35

Gtx 1080 ti



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