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Tiny microstutters, consistent in intervals 'RTX 3070 Aorus Master'



So I've had my 3070 Aorus master for about a week now, and I've noticed some very light micro stuttering. It comes in, what seems like, a consistent interval. Most obvious in rythm games, as well as competitive titles. The stutters are mostly in the realm of 'you blink and you'll miss it' except when it comes to stuff moving towards you i.e walking at a steady pace forward and rythm games like clone hero where there's a highway scrolling/moving at a set speed. 


Thing is, this card has dual bios "OC/Quiet" and I noticed that "Quiet" had more frequent stutters, while "OC" had way less (almost fully tolerable, but I'm picky). Ofc when I put in my old 1070 it completely stopped, so it's definitely GPU-related. This also lead me to believe it's bios-related. GPU is performing fine otherwise.


You guys have any idea? Could gigabyte remotely fix it if it's the bios? Have ruled out monitors as I have tried not going dual as well as changing monitor completely.


All drivers as well as windows are fresh installs. Latest Mobo bios along with its drivers.


My Rig:


Monitor: LG GL850 1440p 144hz  FreeSync On (have tried off too) + Asus VG278 1080p 144hz - both are using Display port


Mobo: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max

RAM: 16GB 3600Mhz cl18

CPU: R5 3600

GPU: RTX 3070 Aorus Master

Storage: m.2 1tb + 2x 250GB SATA SSD+ 7200 2TB HDD

OS: Windows Home Premium 20H2 

PSU: 650W 80+ Bronze

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