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If you can explain this, you are genius!!!


i have most weird and annoying problems... I warning you, read for your own risk, you may never be the same after reading this :D:D:D


I use HDMI to connect my second computer to the monitor. And i didn't have any problems, it went it in... Maybe one time: i had to wiggle with it a bit, but it went in relatively easily, after i did that. So today i wanted to connect my second PC to the monitor using the HDMI cable and i found it disconnected (2 timed by now). I don't think i could have done that by leg, it goes around and i have a lot of space under my desk. But i lean the PC sometimes for cleaning a bit. Okay so i wanted to connect the cable to the gpu. And i just couldn't push it in, no matter how hard i tried (not using force, maybe a little and trying wiggle with it a bit). And i couldn't get it in, after some time i was like wtf???!!! It went in easily last time. So after thinking, i turned on lights and to my surprise (see picture of case) there is some edge pointing outwards horizontally, which is part of the case and cannot be dismantled! And because HDMI cable is too high (see second picture of cable) it is blocked by that edge, i would say like by 3mm of vertical distance. In other words, by a lot, so it can't go fully in. And i tried to press it as far it could go, yet i didn't see image on the monitor, after turning pc on and off 2 times!!!


So how the hell i connected the cable in the first place last time?????? Because it is too high vertically and this edge is blocking cable from going in, it is like from half disconnected... So i was like: did my motherboard move? If i could connect it before, it had to be something else that changed!!! Because how else i would connect the cable???!!! While it is blocked by that edge, i even tried to connect it from angle and still... It is blocked by that edge on the case by a large length. There is no way to connect it trust me!!! And it is not exactly like you could tilt HDMI cable that much. I tried a long time, i am 100% sure, it wouldn't be possible!!! It is blocked by too large distance, you could never connect it like that EVER!!! And i used same cable, i am 100% positive, as it is stucked  in my monitor and cannot go out LMAO... I asked AOC support, because i am paranoid: can i use cable in your packaging and they said no harm would come to me. I connected it previously to HDMI 1 and it went in and out very lightly!!! Second time i connected it to HDMI 2 and it can't be disconnected, even with wiggling and i am not comfortable applying huge force to not destroy monitor... I assure it is not me, i had previously 2 monitors with Display Port and HDMI and connected it in and out hundreds of times and never had problem with it EVER!!!


NEXT: so i thought my motherboard had to tilt, or something... Because that edge was there all time, it just didn't appear from the blue sky! And if it tilted, it would have to tilt by a lot!!! Because by the extent it was reaching to the HDMI cable, it was at least like 3mm, it would be visible by eye - yet edge appeared perfectly straight! Also how would i manage to do that, it is sturdy steel, or something. I tried to bump it with hammer, so it leans and creates space for the cable and i didn't manage to tilt that at all!!! And nothing happened with my PC. Also it is covered by one part of case reaching out. I am 100% positive it was not tilted! So i removed screws on motherboard (to see if it moved) and it was perfectly sitting on standoffs, in another words - perfectly lined in with standoffs! So then i am starting to be like WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! How? Really really confused...


I also noticed, that top edge of hole for pci-e cards (which is highest in the case - where is my only option to put GPU in) is lined with middle of one standoff in case. So when i put motherboard there, card will be stuffed highest possible to that edge! Even previously HDMI, or Display Port was barely accessible - yet i could connect cable into them. I know it was like that forever... So okay, then what remains... gpu! I thought it tilted somehow up, but even when i tilted it down, as much as possible, i still couldn't connect the HDMI cable and it was still blocked by that edge on the case, by like 1mm... Then i was really annoyed, how this could happen... Very annoyed... Can anyone explain this, only thing which comes to my mind. That this is simulation and glitch in matrix, otherwise i have not a slightest idea. What could possibly happen, that i couldn't connect all of the sudden this cable???!!! BTW i took GPU out and it went it flawlessly... That's reason you won't see GPU in the case now...


I include another picture  (of HDMI cable) which is not same i have. But it should have same height vertically, so you can see it is big! I am buying DVI to HDMI, just to be sure. But could please anyone explain this to me. If you can explain this, then you are you a genius!!!


BTW no standoff was missing and they held there all firmly. And case name: Cooler Master Scout.


TL:DR Well this is complicated issue... edge, which is inseparably mounted on the case and is located above highest hole in the case for pci-e cards is blocking HDMI cable. It is not tilted as it is from firm steel, or something! And if it would, it would be visible, it is blocking HDMI cable by large distance, it would have to be tilted a lot, while it is straight! I tried to unscrew motherboard, yet it was perfectly lined with standoffs and all standoffs were in case and holding firmly! I even unscrew gpu and tilted it down, then i could connect cable, but gpu was heavily tilted and couldn't bring it back to line it with holes for gpu screws, because edge was blocking it by blocking the HDMI cable, so i couldn't align GPU back in the pci-e slot and line it with screw holes - not even close! Yet i was able to connect the same cable perfectly not long time ago! How so if this edge is clearly blocking HDMI cable by like 3mm and nothing else changed including that edge! It shouldn't be possible previously!!! Doesn't make any sense...



IMG_2980 - Copy.JPG

hdmi cable.jpeg

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