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Laptop Noob asks Laptop Care Tips so that i dont ruin it in 6 months!

I recently switched to using the laptop i got for college to do most of my things. 

To the people who've been using laptops extensively what tips do you have for a noob like me so that i dont ruin my laptop in like 6 months. Tips about battery life, general care and other things you guys have.

Thanks for the help!

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One tip from me: When you're carrying your laptop arround, get a hard shell case for it. Another tip would be to keep it clean and, make sure the vents are clear of dust so that it doesn't overheat

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just.. don't throw it around. treat it like an egg so it doesn't break. thats all i've done and its got me to 2 years without any problems at all. I also usually reinstall windows every year but thats something overkill. 

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Don't leave it plugged in all the time (unplug it if it's not turned on), and don't let it get below 20% charge. Try to time it so that you drain to 30% then charge to 70% That sort of charge pattern will put fewer cycles on your battery and keep temperatures in check better. Of course, if you need to charge it up to 100% and drain it to within a few percent of its life once in a while, that's fine, but don't make a habit of it.




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laptop care tips:

- stay away from water, put your drinks away.

- use a tilted stand so the back doesn't heat as much.

- use wireless mouse if possible.

- dimm the screen a little.

- dont plug on the same usb ports

- vinyl wrap the case if you're worried about scratches.

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47 minutes ago, lexusgamer05 said:

When you're carrying your laptop arround, get a hard shell case for it

Funny story I used to not using laptop case when carrying it, I just put willy nilly in my bag.


I'm also one of those person that doesn't have a stationery case, so my pens and pencil just rolling around in bag.


One day when I wanted to charge my laptop. I can't get the barrel plug in. First I thought that the charging pin was bent somehow. But after closer inspection, I found out that it was a pencil tip stuck on it. Had to chipped it slowly with a tweezer and it took quite a few 'cause it was an H2 pencil.

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5 hours ago, SupaKomputa said:


- use wireless mouse if possible.

 Dont leave the USB dongle plugged in during transport. Dont matter how small it is, it can brake the usb port. Use the track pad or get a bluetooth mouse

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