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Bottleneck on 1660ti with a i5 3450 intel cpu

Hello I was wondering how much the intel i5 3450 is effecting my Msi Gaming Geforce GTX 1660ti. I play modern warfare and get an average of 80fps on low settings. Im wondering if its because of my cpu that is holding back my gpu. Is my cpu really the reason my gpu isnt preforming well?

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Yes, it's a massive bottleneck. Quadcores are obsolete nowadays and the older ones without hyperthreading are just not good enough for 1080p gaming at higher settings.

upgrade to that i7 3770, that should be good.

1660 ti is a very capable 1080p gaming card and provides reasonable performance even at 1440p so on that side you're pretty good.

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I myself run a I5-3570K overclocked and I sometimes too have it bottleneck my card. I'm fairly certain upgrading your CPU is gonna do the trick for you, especially since your 1660TI is able to comfortably do 1080p gaming.

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