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Fan with a custom cutoff question

So, when I got my 3900x and associated system, I was unable to find a graphics card on sale (looking for a 6800XT or a 3080). So, I grabbed the GTX 980 from my old machine, and dropped it in for now. I still need to use my old machine, so I went rummaging for a graphics solution. I have a Xeon, so no onboard graphics core.


I found an old 550 TI, complete minus the fans on the heatsink and the shroud. So, I accidentally ordered a 92mm Noctua fan, I totally brainfarted and got it to replace a dead fan in my old machine, but it won't fit, since I required a 120mm fan. Instead of returning the 92mm fan, I zip tied it to the GPU's heatsink. Then I set up a fan curve using Speedfan.


Under full load, the GPU doesn't go over 65c, and when idling, it drops down into the low 20's at night (it's around 3-5c in this room during the night).


So, my quesion: If I set speedfan to turn the GPU fan off completely, and it cycles the fan on and off, will this kill the fan? Or should I just let it idle down to 40% PWM and leave it there, even if the GPU core gets stupid cold? I don't like the GPU fan going from 0 to 40% and back, over and over, all night long...

Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in? Yes? Then have you tried downloading more RAM?

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