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Dual booting Win10 home and win10 pro a my work issued laptop

I have a work Thinkpad computer with a 9th gen I7 cpu and a T2000 Quadro gpu running windows10 pro



I want to install Windows 10 home on a second drive and dual boot on my personal time to do personal stuff (light gaming, facebook, youtube etc)


What kind of boot manager will work for windows10 home an windows 10 pro?


Can I keep my personal drive private (invisible from my work drive) or even better, keep both drives from seeing each other?


If I install windows10 home on this laptop do I need  to purchase a license of the COA number is burned in the bios of the laptop?








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The windows boot manager can do this.


But I wouldn't do this on a managed work laptop, they can disable a lot of things, and make this annoying to do.

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You don't need a boot manager. Just install it on the usb drive and then select the usb as boot in bios.

This way you won't screw up the first installation.


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you may want to check into work before you do this... some companies are very strict on using company equipment for private use, so if someone finds out and makes a big problem about it, you may end up getting fired.

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Status Update  

replaced the 250gb NVME with a 500gb NMVE

cloned the original disk on the new disk,

created another partition of 250go

Installed Win10 on it


The new Windows was automatically Win10pro and was already activated


I now have two partition on Windows Boot manager, the win10pro for work and another win10pro personal with all my google, facebook and other personal stuff... and my game 🙂



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