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GTA5 stuttering on Lenovo Y540

Hello, I am trying to run GTA5 at mostly "high" settings and some "ultra high" (DirectX 10) on my Lenovo Y540 equipped with:

1. 60Hz panel

2. GTX 1660Ti

3. Intel Core i7 9750H

4. 16Gb ram


The total VRAM usage was ~3700/6000MB which i thought was enough.


I watched battle(non)sense video about frametime and framerate and locked my framerate at both 60 and 100 using Rivatuner. Rivatuner statistics overlay showed that the system was able to hold a constant fps at both of them wjth a stable frametime (except for some occasional dips to 98 with the 100 fps cap).


I also made sure to install the latest nvidia drivers for the PC from Lenovo's website.


After all this I still have microstutters in some parts of the GTAV game (when capped at 60fps) and they can get very annoying. Does someone know the fix for this?

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Hmm, you must be botlenecked by laptop cooling. It sucks but we gotta deal with it. Try buying one of those cooler pads that connect to usb.

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