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Slow to launch games, NVMe M.2, Fresh Install. Otherwise OK.

Here's a peculiar problem. Everything worked fine until I did a fresh install of Windows 10. Now, games specifically, and some selected software applications take 1-3 minutes to launch. I originally installed nvidia studio drivers, but reverted back to game ready drivers which seemed to fix the problem, but now it's back for no reason. I tried to close all applications from the task manager, but it seemed to have made no difference. Apart from games and some software launching forever, once they load, it's fine. The M.2 is not overheating, nor is any other component. It seems like a software issue even with nothing else running.


Here are some examples:

- Rocket League, stays in tray for 2 minutes until it boots.
- Hotline Miami 2, gives me a black screen, followed by the title screen for 2 minutes and then gives me control
- Dota 2, hangs in the logo screen for up to 5 minutes and then works fine
- 3D modelling software I use at work, gives me a not responding screen for 2 minutes, then works fine.
- Hitman 2, black screen for up to 5 minutes, then loads intro's and works fine.


ASUS Maximus X Hero


1080 Ti

Win 10 Pro

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