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getting an e-gpu and a second monitor for my laptop

Country: US, NJ

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: unity, photoshop, and single player games

Specs: core i7-9750H, gtx1650, 16gb ram, 1tb SSD


hey guys, so I currently have an XPS 15 7590 and I want to use it for unity and some demanding games like the outerworlds and cyberpunk if it turns out to be a real game, I don't really need a lot of fps but I want to crank up the settings all the way up and maybe enable ray-tracing every now and then so I wanted to get a dock station but I'm not sure about compatability or if it could even work at all and I was wondering what exactly should I get for this to work like what's an e-gpu case that would work with the 3070 and what dock should I get for the laptop and whether or not I'll need a special cable or if most usb-C cables would do fine and what cable can I use for the display or if i'll have to just stick to the HDMI on the laptop. Also black friday is tomorrow an I wanted to use this opportunity to finally get a second monitor and I'm looking for a colour accurate monitor that's 1440p@120hz, if it's 4k then that's fine as long as it's not way more expensive, like around 100 USD more than the 1440p would be nice and if I can get a nice 1080p that's a lot cheaper I might get that instead but honestly I don't care that much about the refresh rate and would absolutely take an HDR screen over the 120hz if it wasn't a lot more expensive. One last thing is that I really want it to look clean and not super gamer-y,  I honestly am not that savvy with monitors or dock stations so I was hoping to get recommendations and warnings about such monitors or systems

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You need to plug your laptop into a eGPU with a thunderbolt 3 cable, usually the dock comes with one so you shouldn't worry about that. But you may have an issue finding a dock that can fit a 3070 inside of it and came provide enough power. And you connect your monitor to the display outs on the back of the eGPU.

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i think you should really consider whether you need the mobility of a laptop. if not, sell it and build a desktop, you'll get better performance for cheaper. egpus are not ideal and you don't get the full performance out of them, especially with a 2 gen older cpu that will start thermal throttling soon (all laptops do).

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