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Indicate which poll option was chosen





I voted for AMD/AMD but there is no indication of this on the results page.

Is there any chance that a small icon could be added in the bar for whichever the user has voted for, to indicate to them what their vote was?


I made a little mockup of what it should look like:


Share your favourite custom styling rules (CSS) for websites! linustechtips.com/topic/1288887-share-your-favourite-custom-styling-rules-...






into tech, public transport and architecture // amateur programmer // youtuber // beginner photographer

Thanks for reading all this by the way!

By the way, my desktop is a docked laptop. Get over it, No seriously, I have an exterrnal monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset, ethernet and cooling fans all connected. Using it feels no different to a desktop, it works for several hours if the power goes out, and disconnecting just a few cables gives me something I can take on the go. There's enough power for all games I play and it even copes with basic (and some not-so-basic) video editing. Give it a go - you might just love it.

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