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Should i buy a laptop now “ie.Helios 300 (2020)” or wait for the New Rtx 3000 and ryzen 5000 series for Laptop


Im playing to buy a laptop I decided on Helios 300. I cant decide now to buy it now or wait for the Im planing to buy New RTX 3000 and Ryzen 5000 series laptop

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depends on if oyu need it now, you can always just wait another couple of months and get something faster/cheaper

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Wont happen anytime soon. There's no sign of AMD releasing mobile zen3 yet.

The earliest probably Q2 2021.

The most probable is Rtx 3000 + Ryzen 4000u.

Ryzen 2600 @ 4ghz | Radeon RX580 | 32gb HyperX 3200mhz | 500gb Samsung PM981a | 5 TB HDD | Corsair CX450

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