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Which drive to buy for monthly back up? (Is shucking an option?)

My current backup drives are quite full now (1x 4TB ST4000DM004 and 1x 4TB WD40NMZW WD external drive sent from BackBlaze as a data recovery drive)  Both have some 600 GB free space left.


My particular use case is: I usually back up my files once a month, after copy and pasting, I leave the drives connected to the computer for a few days so BackBlaze can sync up. After that I discoonect the external HD and turn off SATA power to the internal desktop drive, completing my 3-2-1 data backup scheme.


I have no plans to switch to a NAS since Backblaze won't back up NAS devices (but PC + external drives totaling 7TB of data is fine to them...)


Now, I am wondering if I should go buy an external hard drive or, go for a desktop hard drive or IronWolf. I might not shuck the external drive right away, unless advised to do so. (I do have a hard drive dock, but no SATA to spare on my Aorus elite... I can make room by remove the BD-Burner which burns super important data and old photos to M-disc.


Right now I am considering buying a Seagate Expansion Desktop and Shuck it. Interestingly it appear Seagate will not honor warranty if the hard drive was shuck, while WD might. I think I can wait until next year too.


Here are few external drives I am considering shucking...

Seagate Expansion Desktop, 8 TB (STEB8000402) is only 108.20 EUR (1-year warranty in US?, 2-year in EU?) and appears have a Seagate desktop drive in it, so it probably can be just "plug and play" in a PC

WD Elements Desktop, 8TB (WDBWLG0080HBK-EESN) is 118.55 EUR (2-year warranty) and likely a WD80EMAZ, it appears needs 3.3 v power mod (aka cover the 3.3 SATA pin) if I shuck it


Other external options:

Seagate Backup Plus Hub is at 139.99 (2-year warranty), not sure Seagate will use higher quality drive in the more premium external hard drive models...

Seagate Desktop Drive is 137.90 EUR (2-year warranty); WD My Book Desktop 8TB is 142.8


The cheaper external hard drives are really enticing compare to:

Toshiba N300 8TB NAS HDD HDWG180UZSVA at 179.95 EUR (3-year)

Seagate Barracuda ST8000DM004 at 172.71 EUR (2-year warranty)

Seagate IronWolf ST8000VNZ04 at 222 EUR

WD Red Plus WD80EFAX at 211.54 EUR


*6 TB drives are an option... but they are not that much cheaper:

WD Blue WD60EZAZ 6TB are 119.90 

Seagate Barracuda is 139.00

WD RED (not pro so, SMR) 155.90 3-YEAR


P.S, I do know rumors that drive makers sell inferiors drives as external drives... but I doubt it since in Seagate's perspective, all their external drives need to have 2-year warranty (3 years if in Asia) just like the internal drives, there is little incentive do that for a large capacity 8TB drive. And for WD's case... well no one want their SMR WD Red eh?

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