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Charging iPad from desktop USB port

Hi! First time poster here and thought you would know.

Im trying to use my iPad mini as a secondary screen with Duet in wired mode, but I have problem that the iPad is not charging from the same cable that is connected to the computer.

Probably the USB port does not provide enough power.
My motherboard is Gigabyte z170x Ultra Gaming and it has one high power USB-C port.
Is it possible for me to buy a somesort of USB-C to USB-A adapter that would transfer the needed juice to my iPad?

Does it have to be a certain kind of adapter? Would it be even possible? Or is possible to get high power output from regular USB-A port?

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A USB 3.0 Typ A should give you 0.9A. That should be enough. Check if your Mainboard maybe has some 2.0 Type A and some 3.0/3.1/3.2 Ports Type A. Make sure you use one of the USB 3 Typ A. The USB 3 Typ C should be more than enough. (USB 2 has a black/white port, USB 3 has a blue one)


else you can just use a USB C to Lightning port (i assume the mini still has lighning, or did they switch zu USB C?, But not sure if apple has some shenanigans). But should work also on USB 3 Typ A.

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