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"Please install or update Intel ME driver version"

Downloaded and tried to open the "MSI gaming app". When it opens it stops and gives me an error that says "Please install or update Intel ME driver version"..

Did a little research and found out that intel ME is some managment system thats always running even when your PC is off.. Ive never heard of it before. And theres a driver from Intel for windows ME but its for "6th, 7th, 8th gen intel processors apparently and from early 2019... thats coming up on 2 years old for the only driver i found.. and not for my cpu (9900k)...

I'm at a brick wall i hit while trying to figure this out... so naturally, here i am on LTT again hoping someone knows wtf is going on. lol. All i wanted was to quickly tinker with this new MSI gaming app thing i just found out about.  HELP!!!


According to the intel tool that scans your computer, Everything is up to date...... now im extra lost.image.thumb.png.ab132235acd22a565d0c8c271ec86b9e.png

(incase it matters)
Activated Windows 10 x64
Build 19042.630
All updates and drivers installed.

i9 9900K
MSI MEG Z390 Godlike
32gb 3200mhz Dominator Platinum DDR4
MSI Gaming X Trio 2080ti
EVGA 1000 G5. 1k watt 80+ Gold psu
Enermax Liqmax 3 ARGB 360mm AIO
Asus Tuff Gaming GT501 case
970 evo nvme 500gb ssd boot drive
2x 860 evo 1tb ssd's
2x WD Blue 1tb hdd's
2x WD Blue 500gb hdd's
GELID GC-Extreme Thermal Paste
CyberPower 1500VA pure sinewave ups
Corsair K95 Platinum
Corsair Nightsword mouse

ASUS ROG Strix XG438Q monitor. 4k 120hz hdr 43"
Samsung 6 series 43" monitor 4k 60hz hdr 43"

Yamaha MG10XU mixer
AKG P120 Mic
2x Eris 4.5" studio monitors
2x Teac 3" studio monitors

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Finding drivers on Intel website is painful. Try to use Google to find latest drivers on their website.

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