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Thermal Epoxy Solutions / Mounting to a laptop.

Working on a project of converting an old laptop into a PC. I'm also deciding to using actual tower coolers, on the CPU and GPU dye. However, as mounting is going to be an issue, I'm thinking of using a thermal epoxy to "glue" the tower cooler to the CPU and GPU dyes. I know doing this normally with an IHS would be fine, but would it also be fine when it is stuck to the bare dyes themselves?

If it isn't an issue, what is come reasonably cheap, high performance thermal epoxy?

If it is an issue, how should I go about attaching two tower coolers to a laptop, if there is no non-standard mounting?

For context, this will be happening to an MSI Apache Pro GE72. Also, keep in mind this project is entirely for fun, and it won't be deployed for anyone other than my own use for a server etc.


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