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Using Galaxy Tab S7 Plus as single monitor for PC?

Is it possible by any means to be able to use the Tab as a primary PC monitor? I know I can just go get a monitor but there are no monitors out there besides those huge TV sized ones that have an OLED screen, decent motion handling, not too huge, and has high refresh rate (120Hz and above). I can even use the Tab as my laptop too and make use of it as a PC monitor when available. I know it is possible to connect the Tab to another device to act as a secondary monitor but what about if I only want to have one display on being the Tab?

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Spacedesk is also a similar app.


I have never used any of those software before.

I don't have a Tab S7.

I have never attempted, and have no interest in using a tablet as a monitor.


I wouldn't expect it work for framerate in excess of 60fps.


Good luck.

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