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I want to build a second hand gaming server mainly for Minecraft (and some other minor stuff)


I don't know much about server hardware so was thinking that an old Dell workstation might be a good idea as I can get a decent one for almost free. Thoughts ?

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Minecraft servers depend a lot on fast single core performance and lots of ram. If you can get that in the Dell, or if it's just you and a handful of friends then it should be fine. And make sure it has gigabit lan.

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Yeah that'll do fine, anything new enough to have DDR3 will likely run it just fine. If it's a workstation it will also likely support ECC memory which is dirt cheap on ebay. Dell's website should have all the information on it and there's usually service tags you can shove into their website to see what hardware should be in it.


Used Xeons are pretty cheap and often have a couple generations supported on a platform so if something was spec'd with a lower end or low power sku you might be able to double your core count or find a significantly faster cpu that can be popped in for $25 or so.


Really can't beat free hardware.

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