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My Gtx760Mars is not using the second GPU at all

When i play genshin impact. I get magnificant fps scores at highest. But when i get to play apex legends or Pubg. Ouch! I can only play at high settings stable

And i noticed this. When i play Pubg or apex legends, the GPU 2 stays at 30 degrees while the other heated up to 70! It's like free real estate but the game is not using it!


Any helps about how i can fix this? It really bugs me and its very sad.. :(

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Don't support SLi.

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7 minutes ago, Xnight said:

I don't get it, there must be a way we use both chips to feed the game

SLI is a specific technology whose support has to be implemented by the gamedevs. This was a big part of why SLI died years ago and stopped being commonplace, because it was extra work for developers to implement support for it when only a tiny, tiny percentile of users had it.

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I managed to play apex with two gpus, but it was unstable at a times, i was just playing with settigns on nvidiainspector. Anyone really gone trough all of this and found a fix ? I just bought this card and didn't expect this to happen ;-; I could had buy the 780 ti instead :/

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