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Surface Pro 4 Wont turn on?

I have a surface Pro 4 that just wont turn on. its not a dead battery, been plugged in for a few hours. I have tried hard resetting the device with power & volume key combos with no luck. I have no idea what to do here, i have a project that i need off of here.

"If you gon be bout it, be bout it bout it" ~ Gavin 'itsjusta6' Simon

I have several computers. This includes a 2019 MacBook Air, and an ATX PC. (Look at profile for specs)

I love memes. I make bad memes, but I like dank memes, who doesn't?

I am good at editing videos and pictures, feel free to message me if you would like some work done.



Kole Overby

Owner At:

Chaos Network

Chaos Tech

Overby Concepts


Employee At:

Neighborhood Mechanic

O'rielly Auto

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