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Gigabyte G41 video onboard+offboard

Hello beautiful people!

I bought a GA-G41M-S2P to upgrade from my G31 chipset (have an AM3+ and LGA1155 Mobos, but i love my LGA771Â đŸ„°)
The problem is that i have dual monitors and a HD7950 with a problem on HDMI that i didn't solved yet. (But i'm going to buy a DP adapter if i can't solve this)

Well, if i boot just on the HD7950 everything works perfect, less than 10s it POST and boot to windows, runs Far Cry Primal at ultra and other heavy games with a solid 60fps.

If i boot just on onboard everything goes great too, it POST and boot fast, games run as you would expect for a onboard X4500.
BUT if i try to boot both onboard and offboard graphics, it POST and load windows, but then it goes black for some minutes when pass to logon. When the image shows again everything goes as expected.



  • GA-G41M-S2P w/ Bios mod to LGA771 microcodes
  • Xeon E5440 @ stock Hz
  • 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance @ 1333Mhz
  • XFX HD7950 3GB @ stock Hz
  • Biwin 120GB Sata SSD
  • Seagate barracuda 1TB HDD
  • 420W C3Tech PSU


  • Windows 10 was freshly installed after changed Mobo.
  • Every driver is installed and working.
  • Before and after logon screen everything goes great.
  • JUST when it pass from windows loading to logon screen that it goes black for some minutes.
  • It just happen when onboard and offboard graphics are both active.
  • Before bios mod it was running a Core2 Duo E7300.
  • This happen before the bios mod, so everything should be fine with the bios.
  • The RAM has changed since i bought this G41 Mobo, so, not the RAM.
  • Tried RAM at stock speed, nothing changed.
  • In my old Mobo everything was perfect, w/ the E7300 and the E5440.

Didn't tried (yet):

  • Doing a rebbaling to G41 chip.
  • Mess around with some graphics settings on Bios.
  • Trying with another GPU. (Today i'm going to test w/ a GTX570 and GT430).
  • Doing any tweak to Windows.


Any troubleshoot tip is very welcome! Any tweak or test i will try.

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