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FS.com PoE+ Switch S3410-24TS-P


Hello Forum,
hereby I write my first own rview in this forum and hope you forgive me my bad English. The school days were a few years ago.

In search of usable and above all affordable devices for our customers (I work in a small IT company near Hannover (Germany), I came across the manufacturer FS.com, which was unknown to me until then. Their are probably known especially by devices in the field of fiber optic infrastructure but now they also build and sell their own network devices such as switches, routers and firewalls. Unfortunately, none of these are reviewed on the Internet. So far :)

Since our customers often don't want to waste money into their IT-Equipment unnecessarily, we try to offer the best possible features for little money. Especially for this reason I was very surprised, what kind of features FS already offers in the cheaper devices that you can only find in enterprise hardware for which you could also buy a car.

I came across the "FS 3410-24TS-P" in search. A PoE+ switch with 24 RJ45 1Gbit ports, 2 SFP and 2 SFP+ ports, which allows a meaningful connection to existing 10G structures. A special highlight are certainly the two interchangeable power supplies, which you never actually get in this price category.


The order:
The order via the online shop was done quickly and easily. Payment was made via PayPal. The two PoE+ switches came from a warehouse in Asia and took about 10 days to travel to Germany. I ordered two more switches (S3900-24T4S) which came from a German warehouse and arrived a day afterr the order. The switches were perfectly and safely packaged. Not a matter of course with free worldwide shipping.
cost of the PoE+ Switch: 800 dollars each
cost for the smaller switch: 290 dollars each

First impression:
The first impression was very good. The workmanship is great and leaves nothing to be desired. The FS logo on the front is discreet and gives the switch a professional look. This is particularly noticeable for a 24 port switch. However, this should not be a problem with the supplied mounting brackets.


I don't want to say so much about the functions, as it can be read all online in the documents. For me, however, things like the two power supplies, 30W PoE per port, 10Gbit uplinks, stacking of 4 switches, some Layer 3 options are outstanding here.

FS advertises big with the so-called IXIA tests of therefore the technical data with a switching capacity of 88Gbps and a forwarding rate of 66Mpps should be correct. A corresponding IXIA review can be downloaded from FS. All data is listed there.


The only problem that really disturbs me is the Noise. The two 40mm fans are sometimes quite noisy in operation and are automatically regulated by the system. I will replace these with Noctua fans.


The switches can be configured via the web interface or the CLI. In my opinion, FS provides very good descriptions for all required commands. The CLI is broadly the same as the Cisco CLI and can be set up with the same or similar commands. The Web UI is not very complex and i found everything i was looking for there.
CLI Reference
Web Reference

Last but not least, I would like to praise the great support that FS has delivered so far. Actually, you can reach someone in live chat at any time of the day. Also on Sunday. We were assigned a direct contact person right at the beginning and so far she has been able to answer any questions that arise after a short time.

If you have any questions, just ask me here.
Thanks :)




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Nice write up! Always appreciate a quality player in the game. Thanks for the heads up.

Does it allow you to monitor temps? Only asking because those Nocs move a small amount of air and there's quite the distance between the fans and the heatsinked components.

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So here is the setup our customer will get.


FS.com Switches

2x FS S3900-24F4S
2x FS S3410-24TS-P

The two S3900 will work as a Stack for the "normal" networking, while the two S3410 will connected with a fiber line across the building.
@Den-Fii changed the original Fans to Noctua NF A4x20FLX and their much much quiter now.

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