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"Best" options for Dual PC networking?

I have a Gigabype B550M AORUS PRO Micro ATX build, and an Asus PRIME A320I-K Mini ITX build. They're in no way High End or Server grade, so I kinda think this is going to be a dumb thing for me to post but I don't have any time right now to mess around with things myself like I usually would. I also am building an open frame... Thing... Chassis?... Yeah, let's go with that...

I am going to use a Phanteks Revolt X to power both systems (Note for later, there are going to be 2x free Sata Ports for use), and I'd like to create some sort of built-in-place networking solution that would connect both of the computers, but also provide them both with separate internet connections.


I use System 1 for Modeling and 3D Renders, and system 2 is mostly just Media and chat stuff. I need a networking solution that would allow me to transfer files back and forth, and hopefully work well with Input Director to the point that I could copy and paste files over the network. Nothing I've had has ever allowed me to do this and has caused crashes in programs like Photoshop, even if it's just text. I doubt it was Input Director's fault... Idk...

Window's built in File Network stuff has always seemed easily breachable, and sometimes just doesn't work or stops working mid-transfer. I am on newer versions and installs of Windows, so idk if things have changed

I use Voicemeeter to share my audio through a Mic Passthrough to System 2 but I recently heard it can share audio over a connection to another instance of Voicemeeter, so I want to set that up and reduce my cables. At the moment System 2 is running over Wifi and I don't think it's going to be good enough

I was thinking about tearing an old 5 port Netgear Switch apart and stuffing it into the build somewhere, but as far as I know both PCs would sort of compete for the main connection...?
I was also thinking about using some sort of Sata to... Whatever plug the Switch uses, but idk if that works. I want just 1 power cable coming from the build.


I am probably making this more complicated than it should be...
Any help or suggestions for any of it, is appreciated.

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You need a router, a switch won't do, unless you can manually configure both pc.

After that all you have to do is enable windows network sharing, mount a shared folder in both pc.

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I'm going to assume you already have a router connecting everything to the internet so the process is very simple.


Router goes into the switch to provide internet, both PCs go into the switch so they can see the routers DHCP server and connect to the internet, then all you have to do is make sure both PCs are in the same workgroup.


After that you can create a shared folder on either PC and access it on the other.


You can also do the same thing with WiFi to avoid needing the switch, I wouldn't recommend it but it will work.


Also it very much isn't a dumb question or idea, having a shared folder to easily transfer files between PCs is something everyone with more than one PC should have. You don't need to be running a server to need to send files around your computers.

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