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Windows 8 lite vs windows 10 lite

I will be upgrading my laptop's internal storage soon, but I don't want the regular windows 10 it comes with anymore. I'm thinking of switching to use Manjaro KDE as my primary OS, however I think I might still need a windows OS to plrun certain programs, so I'm looking for a slimmed down windows iso. The question is, should I get Windows 8.1 or 10?

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I'd go with the OS you have a license for, which would be Windows 10 presumably. Shouldn't make much of a difference in terms of installation size. Depending on what software you're talking about (games?) that will typically require much more space than Windows itself.

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All that "lite", "small", "fast" or other system modifications have not much sense. Your system will be basically the same fast except functionality you remove from it.


Look at Linux - all that small, fast, tiny or whatever distros works basically the same - programs do not run faster. The only difference is boot time and ram consumption. In case Windows ram consumption is not a problem (you can't run Win10 on 128MB ram anyway). So just install normal system and that's all you need.

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