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can't seem to fix pubg rubber-banding, any advice?

hello, i have been having issues with pubg on my xbox one s for about two weeks now. sometimes it is fine for a match or so, most of the time it is unplayable with the constant rubber-banding(every 3-5 seconds!). this is the only game i play on console, but i have tried a few others (mcc, forza 7, and warzone) just to test if other games have issues, they do not. my pc also has no issues in any games, including pubg for pc lol.

things i have tried:

-reset my router, a lot...

-made sure ports are forwarded

-hard reset the xbox a few times

-reinstalling the game

-face palming...


at this point i can't think of what else to try, is it just a pubg server issue that is out of my control? any advice would be appreciated!

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