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Vg249q vs Vg242yp

 I ve bought these two monitors and i want only 1 of them.

Watch what i saw :


Acer vg242yp & Asus vg249q




Has 165hz refresh rate,

More options in osd menu also brightness to 350/400 nits,

Has 2*hdmi 2.0, 1dp.1.4,

The speakers are way louder than asus vg249q,

Has hdr 400 which if you ask me is useless,

came with hdmi + dp cable.



Has a cheaper look,

Cheap stand,

The display is hot to the touch, less on the asus,

Has a blue filter on that can't disappear, "washed out view"(I think is about deltaE), the blue filter from osd is not active,

It is classified as B class in energy,

The acer cost 5$ more.




Has a great solid stand,

Looks premium,

Has 1vga, 1hdmi 1.4, 1dp 1.2,

The colors are better in a comparison 1 to 1 with all my changes in Acer osd, seems like asus has a yellow filter that give more colors to objects or smth,

Can be adjusted with the stand in multiple ways,

Classified A class in energy.



Came only with dp cable,

Sound is not so loud,

Less options in osd than for acer.



Which one you choose ?

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